Mare Gioioso



In 2016 Sebastiano Gioioso wrote the first page of the story of Mare Gioioso srl. In a very short time, the company reached a central role in the national and international market of trade of fish products.
Mare Gioioso has its headquarters in Monopoli, a beautiful seaside town in the heart of Puglia, and can rely on the most modern processing and product packaging technologies

Our goal is to ensure the highest standards of product quality, safety and traceability.
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Shellfish purification, distribution and dispatch center

In addition to the headquarters, located in the industrial area of Monopoli, Mare Gioioso can also count on a new and modern shellfish purification, distribution and dispatch center in a facility located in Torre Canne, Fasano.

This structure is used as a processing center for mussels, clams, oysters and other types of seafood, thanks to 14 tanks used for the finishing of the product and to new machines for their packaging.


The food safety of the product is one of the cornerstones of Mare Gioioso, for this reason we constantly monitor the production and distribution processes of fish products, always guaranteeing reliability and high quality.


In order to contribute to the development of all the technical skills necessary to keep up with the knowledge and innovations of our sector, we chose to sign several partnerships with nationally recognized research and training institutions.

The partnership with the University of Foggia has led to the sponsorship of the II level Master in Management and Quality Control in the Fish Industry. Our collaborators working in the quality department, are now part of the teaching staff, in the module concerning “The labelling of fish products”.

The launch of different internship projects in our company brought us to sign new partnerships with the University of Bologna, the ABAP Institute, the ITS Foundation (Istituto Tecnico Superiore Agroalimentare Puglia) and the University of Bari, whose collaboration is enriched by many research projects with the Department of Veterinary Medicine.